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Crime is a regular occurrence in every society. In India, we have people from different social strata. They come from distinct financial and educational backgrounds with varied mindsets. That is why the cause behind committing criminal acts can be many. It might be due to poverty, prenatal neglect, illiteracy, politics, religion and the influence of drugs or alcohol etc.

Besides, with the advancement of technology, many new forms of crime, like cyber attacks and online fraud and cheating have come into existence. Also, countless false cases are registered every year before the police authorities regarding criminal offences like Sec 420 IPC for cheating, Domestic Violence, Rape and Sec 498A. Undoubtedly, this has created pressure on the Indian legal system and judiciary. However, Indian Law is strict in penalising the offender and delivering justice to the victims.

Additionally, the country has some of the best legal professionals with profound knowledge of various legal provisions. With years of experience in solving multiple complex legal cases, these most erudite advocates work hard, securing and uplifting the legal rights of their clients. From hard-core criminal matters to property-related disputes and case for defamation, the eminent lawyers associated with leading law firms are a one-stop solution for all your legal issues. So, consult them without delay!

IPC for Cheating: Ingredients of Sec 420!

Section 420 prescribes punishment in cases where a person cheats on another and persuades him to deliver his property, which he would otherwise avoid. Here are the essential ingredients you must satisfy to prove your case under Section 420 IPC for cheating:

  • Alongside other crucial evidence, you must establish that the accused made a false representation to stand out in your case under section 420.
  • You also need to prove the offender had complete knowledge that the representation was untrue but wilfully used it to deceive you.
  • It is imperative to demonstrate before the court that the accused had a guilty mind and dishonest intentions.
  • Lastly, you must provide evidence showing the accused dishonestly induced you to deliver the property or has made, altered or destroyed any sealed or signed and valuable security.

Defamation Suit: A Brief Idea!

Our right to enjoy a good reputation and supreme dignity is a constitutional right secured by Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Hence, any wrongful act inflicted to harm such repute is a crime, and the victim can lodge a case for defamation as a legal remedy. Indian law provides a separate legal process if you wish to start the case under civil or criminal jurisdiction. To seek justice under civil law, you must prove:

  • The defendant made a defamatory statement.
  • Such a statement point out the plaintiff.
  • The defendant published the defamatory statement.

Conversely, you must establish the following essential elements to start a defamation case under criminal law:

  • The offender published the statement that injured your reputation.
  • The accused used words spoken or written and signs to cause harm to your reputation.
  • Defamation included visible representation.


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